Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep On Truckin' - Kids and Street Food, a Good Combo

Lorelei and I had our first food truck experience last night.  We stopped at El Camión, the food truck on 15th Ave. West, just after the Ballard Bridge for our Monday night taco fix.  What a fun experience it was.  We were three (Grandma was with us) of many people who had stopped for dinner on their way home.  Mariachi music umpa'd from beneath the well-kept, very clean truck, the covered seating area had a Foosball table, which Lorelei and Grandma loved, and the food (once we got it) was worth the wait.

 Dinner was so good that I'm more excited for my Conco de Mayo dinner on Thursday.  Ideas are buzzing in my cabeza.  On the menu already:

- Tacos
- Flan
- Horchata
- and some drink that ends in -rita


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