Saturday, May 28, 2011

I boiled the Chicken - Making Strides In the Kitchen

When my daughter was born my dad came up from California to stay with us for a few weeks.  I had had a C-section so I was on bed rest and major drugs for the majority of his stay, but that didn't stop me from wanting to cook.  At one point I really wanted to make some chicken tacos, but in my Vicodin haze all I really did was put two chicken breasts in boiling water, slap 'em on a plate and serve them up as dinner.

They were not good.

I later found out that my dad called my step-mom up and told her, "She boiled the chicken."  He missed his wife... and her cooking.

Since then I've learned a bit more about cooking chicken for tacos.  One of these ways I talked about in Leftovers - Roasted Chicken, Mexican Style where you do actually boil the chicken, but there's more to the cooking liquid than boiling water.

I think of my dad every time I lower chicken into boiling water and smile, wondering what he would say to my step-mom if he were to call her after this meal.  Hopefully, he would say that I had made some progress in the kitchen, but I'd be ok just hearing him say, "Yum!"


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