Friday, June 30, 2017

Why Your Social Media Channels Matter

Your company most likely has some kind if social media presence. Whether you've got a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, or a LinkedIn Profile, you're spending time posting something somewhere—or paying someone to do it for you. How's that going? Have you seen a return on your time spent? Have you seen a spike in visitors to your website, or better yet, an increase in sales?
If the answer is no, it may be time to reassess the inherent value your social media channels possess and to leverage them in a way that will give you the best bang for your buck. The following will help you do just that.
As a Social Media Consultant, I frequently see companies not taking advantage of the sales and marketing potential their social media channels inherently offer. Here, I'll share a few tips and tricks that will

  • optimize your social media presence
  • connect you with current and potential clients
  • and take the guesswork out of what’s best for your company in a social media forum.

First, let’s start with a question.

What’s Your End Goal for Your Social Media Channels?

It’s important to identify why your company engages in social media. Are you there to sell your product? Is this a secondary customer service channel? Do you want to connect with your clientele? Is having your brand voice resonate as an industry leader important to you? There are a lot of reasons to create and maintain a social media presence, and it’s important to leverage those channels in a way that represents your company, its mission, and your purpose for being there.

Use It or Lose It

A dormant social media page makes your company look like it’s not paying attention. If your clients or potential customers see sporadic or infrequent posts they know there’s no one dedicated to the account and that attempts to contact you through this channel will fall on deaf ears; that doesn’t cut these days it if you want to be competitive.
Some say, “You have to feed the beast!”
One can also argue that "in this day and age" you should be available to people on their phones, tablets, laptops, wherever, whenever. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, you need to be available to your customer base where they are.

It’s Called SOCIAL Media For a Reason

Social media engagement is a two-way street. The conversation starts with you listening to what your audience is saying.
Social media is a conversation, not a stump for calling out your story in hopes that people will gather to listen. Like anything social, interacting with the people who choose to connect with you—and with those you choose to connect with—is the name of the game! It’s also important to remember that followers are people, not inanimate 0’s and 1’s. Building a rapport with your audience is an effective way to create brand advocates, which will lead to conversions.

It’s Worth the Investment

Did you know that analytics tools are already built into your social channels? This information can tell you a lot about the people who are interested in your company. From demographics to purchasing habits, annual income, even occupation. Smart marketing uses this data to define and segment target markets, to recognize interests and activities of current and potential clients, and to maintain a conversation with the people who actively want to engage with you. (They’ve already ‘liked’ your page right? Give ‘em something to really like!)
Whether your investment is dedicated time on a daily or weekly basis, or hard, cold cash, if your goal is to make the most out of your social media presence invest in it.

Where to Start?

There’s a lot more to social media than what you might think. Engaging with audiences is a skill that many people don’t have: there’s a language and a strategy behind it that’s not inherent. That said, tens of thousands, even millions of marketing dollars go into social media marketing campaigns each year with high-profit margins.
Social Network Ad Spending to Hit $23.68 Billion Worldwide in 2015
Advertisers in North America spend the most to be social
If you want to get more tips and tricks on how to boost your social media channels, there are tons of great industry sites like Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner, and Moz, that can help you learn best practices, get updates, and make sure you start and stay on the right foot.

Don’t Have the Time? Hire a Social Media Consultant!

Your time is valuable, and learning the ins and outs of social media management, let alone the complex landscape of social media marketing, can be a time leech. Presumably, if your social channels aren’t up to snuff, you don’t have the internal capacity to ‘deal with it.' Hiring a social media consultant can be your key. Taking on a knowledgeable consultant can be a strategic and effective means of bolstering your company’s marketing and social media presence.
A social media consultant can
  • Audit your channels
  • Define your brand voice
  • Optimize page content
  • Build your audience
  • Develop strategies
  • Create engaging content
  • Run your campaigns
  • Report analytics
When all's said and done, you don’t have to go the whole hog when ramping up your social media presence. Unless you've got the bandwidth or you've already got an in-house social media maven, I would highly recommend hiring a freelance consultant (or working with an agency) who specializes in social media channel management, content creation and paid marketing campaigns. Consultants and agencies, both, offer any combination of the above services based on your company’s needs. And, because they’re experienced in all things social, you’ll save time and money, and set yourself up for success in the labyrinth of the social sphere.

Monday, August 24, 2015

This Blog - What's New - My Work


I'm Kelly, The Food-Minded Mama. This blog was a labor of love for me when my daughter was a little one. It's been dormant for a bit—'cause mama got a "real job"—but there's still some good stuff in here! There are

Funny stories
Original recipes
Food porn pictorials
Learning from a master
Opinion pieces that still have legs

and general merriment with an overall message of feeding kids real food.

(Scroll down for more writing samples.)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Ideas - Dying Eggs with Natural Colors

Today I came across a neat idea of dying easter eggs with natural food coloring; beet juice, blueberries, cabbage, etc. The effect is beautiful and is a fun way to show your kids how cool nature is, i.e. color from food can make pretty things.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

My daughter loves eggs: fried, scrambled, poached, in quiches and fritatas, and sometimes deviled. She likes hard boiled eggs just fine but the shares my disdain for the dry, powdery yolks. (When I was a kid I would hide them in the back of the the silverware drawer where my mom would find them days, sometimes weeks later.) Now I'm happy to add to my egg cookery repertoire soft boiled eggs. We love to dip our morning toast in the buttery yolk along side our fruit and coffee and/or ice cold milk.

There are definite benefits to working in a restaurant. A few weeks ago a coworker showed me a great trick for boiling eggs that turned out to be the basis of my fool proof method for attaining a creamy yolk and soft-cooked whites. She would drop eggs into the already boiling water that was rolling away on the stovetop heating up the soup of the day. Five minutes later she would fish them out and concoct a decadent breakfast that would sustain her through the busy day.

This egg is a little firmer than I usually like, but the kid was chasing the cat and... well...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Braised Short Ribs. 'Nuf Said.

The world is a very small place; the Seattle restaurant industry is no exception. It's so small, in fact, that sometimes it's like living on a pinhead. (You'll see why in a bit; just keep reading.)

A couple of weeks ago, Matt, the owner of Lecosho, came into my restaurant. I love their braised short ribs and I really wanted that recipe to be the one that I followed for my first foray into the world of braised meat. When I got up the nerve to ask him for it, he said yes! He just said yes!!  I was thrilled and am happy to say that the results were awesome.

Huh? Huh? Looks good, right?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fast & Easy Potato Gratin

I've mentioned before that I have an amazing group of friends and family that support me and Lorelei; without them I would be belly up in 2.2 seconds. One of my biggest supporters is my dear friend Heidi.

Last week Heidi was having a terribly difficult day. Long, crappy story short, I knew she would really appreciate me and Lorelei showing up with dinner for us all. So I decided to give my darling Hobey a hand.

We stopped at the store, picked up a roasted chicken, two bottles of wine (one to share and one to leave for her to enjoy once L and I were gone for the night), then swung home, got some broccoli, and fixin's for a potato gratin.

Remember when I told you about my true love? Well, I'm cheating on the side. I don't have a picture 'cause we need to keep it on the DL; let's suffice to say that my side project can slice, dice, purée, and chop with the best of 'em.

Anyhoo, I pulled out my food processor (yeah, yeah, the jig is up!) and sliced three medium potatoes


 I threw in a quarter of a yellow onion


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Minutes That Changed Our Diets Forever

Your Yogurt Is Sweeter Than Your Coke

I recently saw this video clip scroll through my Facebook feed. It was posted by a friend who is passionate about food and our children's health, like I am, so I took the time to watch it. Let's just say that because of this video – actually because of what Michael Pollan says at minute 3 – I have swiftly implemented a new policy in my household: certain food items are now considered dessert only.

After watching this video, I wanted to get some more information, and to see if saying that some yogurts have more sugar in them than Coke was an overstatement. So, I thought that I would go straight to the source the get the nutrition information for CocaCola. When I clicked on the 'Nutrition Facts'