Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Minutes That Changed Our Diets Forever

Your Yogurt Is Sweeter Than Your Coke

I recently saw this video clip scroll through my Facebook feed. It was posted by a friend who is passionate about food and our children's health, like I am, so I took the time to watch it. Let's just say that because of this video – actually because of what Michael Pollan says at minute 3 – I have swiftly implemented a new policy in my household: certain food items are now considered dessert only.

After watching this video, I wanted to get some more information, and to see if saying that some yogurts have more sugar in them than Coke was an overstatement. So, I thought that I would go straight to the source the get the nutrition information for CocaCola. When I clicked on the 'Nutrition Facts'
button on the CocaCola company website, I was led to a page filled with Tweets, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr posts, but no nutrition facts. So, I did a page search for the word nutrition, just to see if I was missing it. The word nutrition isn't anywhere on the should-be Nutrition page.

To make a long, and rather disappointing-but-not-surprising story short, the CocaCola company website was far from forthcoming about the basic nutrition facts of their products.

I ended up finding the information on

39 grams of sugar for a 12oz soft drink is not surprising. 

OK. Now for the yogurt.

When I went to check on the nutrition facts for one of Lorelei's favorites, Tillamook low fat strawberry flavor, the Tollammook website was simple to navigate and was very forthcoming about the information in question.

30 grams of sugar in 6oz of yogurt!?

I was shocked. 100% shocked. Which is strange, because I am famous for reading labels; but I guess I hadn't thought to look at the sugar numbers. Mark Bittman always talks about 'sugared yogurts' as being one of the major issues of childhood obesity, but I always thought he was talking about GoGurts,  or something like that. Well, color me wrong!

Another yogurt that we frequently get is pre-stirred fruit yogurts from Trader Joe's. Their website had a helpful nutrition guide, but no facts for specific products. So I went back to to see how much sugar is in our favorite flavor, peach.

35 grams of sugar in 6oz of yogurt!

After seeing these numbers, I had to see for myself just how much is 30 grams of sugar really is.

Almost three tablespoons.

Are you as shocked as I am? Oy.

My solution to the problem

Nowadays, I serve Lorelei plain yogurt (organic in our case) with a dollop of jelly, apple sauce, or honey, and sprinkle granola over the top. You get just enough sweetness and the granola adds a tasty crunch!

And what of the sugary culprits?
We won't totally omit these products from our diet, but they will forever be relegated to the "dessert or a very special treat" bucket.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can dress up plain yogurt? Share them here.

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