Monday, August 24, 2015

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I'm Kelly, The Food-Minded Mama. This blog was a labor of love for me when my daughter was a little one. It's been dormant for a bit—'cause mama got a "real job"—but there's still some good stuff in here! There are

Funny stories
Original recipes
Food porn pictorials
Learning from a master
Opinion pieces that still have legs

and general merriment with an overall message of feeding kids real food.

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What Do You Mean by "Real Job"?

Food service industry people know this term all too well. It's not the nicest thing to say, especially around people who've found their career in this ages-old institution. But for those of us with other ideas of what their careers should be, it truly does feel like an escape when you're finally able to walk away.

I did just that three years ago when I found myself blogging for a language-learning company. That's right! This blog got me a blog job! Since then I've learned a hell of a lot and have published a ton of work on company blogs and in social media channels. I also wandered into the realm of social media marketing, which I was pretty good at! That said, writing's where it's at for me. I love it!

And so here I am again. Sharing thoughts. Sharing stories. Hoping to engage an audience of parents, foodies, travelers, and any combination of the three. If you like what you see in these pages—note that I didn't have quite the editorial eye or support from copywriters when much of this was written—shoot me a comment, reach out to me on Twitter, or find me on LinkedIn.

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