Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Ideas - Dying Eggs with Natural Colors

Today I came across a neat idea of dying easter eggs with natural food coloring; beet juice, blueberries, cabbage, etc. The effect is beautiful and is a fun way to show your kids how cool nature is, i.e. color from food can make pretty things.

A couple of years ago I did something that turned out really pretty too (although the pictures aren't quite as lovely as the one above).

After you boil and let your eggs cool, and before you dye them, crack the shells just a little. This will allow the dye to get into the egg white and create a mosaic inside as well as out. (Frankly, I think this time I stumbled into the whites being dyed too. I put cold eggs into already-boiling water and they cracked on their own, which, come to think of it, might not be a bad way to go. More organic breakage, you see...)

Anyhoo (blather, blather). Take a peek!

I used straight food coloring, you know the four pack from the baking isle at the grocery store.

The color combinations were so cool I could;t stop myself from doing more.

I just think they are so pretty. The only time I've EVER eaten green eggs!!
Where's the ham?! 


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