Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mama's back in the kitchen - and going gray.

Ahhh tomatoes. Like every other food blogger ON EARTH, I am posting a picture of a quintessential summer dish: Caprese.

This one is made with fresh Mozz from my local market, vine-ripened tomatoes (no... not the organic heirlooms which were near $6 a pound), fresh basil that's taking over my mom's back yard, salted tomato water, olive oil, and a few turns of cracked pepper.

All I can say is, yum!

I would say, "Going, going, gone," but it was more like,

sounds that could be misinterpreted as being sensual, 

Then, gone. Salted basilic tomato water and all.

It should be noted that I was alone in my efforts, 
save one forcibly encouraged bite that the child took.

On that note:

An interesting thing has happened in regard to feeding my foodie kid since I've stepped back from this blog for a bit. She's now three-an-a-half going on the most stubborn sixteen-year-old you've ever met. Mind you, she still eats any and all of the things I put in front of her (good early pallet training to thank for that) but there are perceptions she has towards the definitions of given meals through the day that go beyond my comprehension and that cause, from time to time, world war Shaking the walls and I'm going to win not you kind of, let's call them, tiffs. ubt

Breakfast: noun  (Child's definition) an obstacle to be avoided at all costs in order to, a) not have to go to school b) delay spending time in front of thekkkjit; ;  TV c) unabashedly defying mom's edict

Mom's learned tactic to avoid conflict and get child fed before the imminent departure: whatever you do, DON'T CALL IT BREAKFAST and offer, if not place out favorite items for child's personal assembly:

- cereal box + milk carton + bowl + spoon = success.

Other go to equations equal:

- unopened yogurt container + portion of granola in jar + bowl of berries + spoon = total win and maybe even a thumbs up from the kiddo!

- an invitation to help cook eggs + utensil to gather necessary butter for the egg pan + ask for assistance to get a fresh plate from the dishwasher = fascinated and sated child.

And finally (there are more if you care to hear):

- place a piece of bread in the toaster over + (watch mom turn on oven... hands off zone) + instruct child to gather jelly and spoon for spreading said condiment on soon-to-be-toasted selection of bready goodness = a mumbling, happy monkey.

The attitude continues around a lot of things food these days, I think because I took such a hard line from the start. But the foundation has been laid, and I am happy for it. My kid will try everything that she is fed and will give in when the fight she's been laying out is clearly lost (meaning she really likes that which she decided to not like despite her mama's say.)

So, what to do with a kiddo that loves food but needs to control her world a little more? Let her, to a point, and figure out some ways to get my way; meaning the way that she needs for her health and well-being (both dietary and for reasons of self sustenance when she's grown.) I won't call it trickery because I'm not, and won't, hide foods in food just to get it in my kid's diet, rather, I'll use different words:

"Do you want yogurt?"


"Do you want breakfast?" for instance.

(Currently beating head against table, kitchen counter, head board... er-um. Ha! Here's wishing.)

Lord help me through these years. Frankly, I feel like this a lot these days...

Do you have any tips to help me and maybe some of my readers who are parents as to how to deal with attitude in toddlers-cum-shit heads? (It's a term of endearment, really!)

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