Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You're going the wrong way!!

Humor me, will you? For the next two minutes and twenty-eight seconds, will you humor me?


Now, let's look at the scene above and break it down a bit, shall we?  (This won't be painful, I swear.)

First: I thought of the title of this clip when I stepped on my scale this morning after a week of this cockamamie Vegan Before 6 idea took hold of my brain.

Second: I'm a dolt and couldn't figure out how to get the five seconds of movie clip that I really wanted, so I'm going a different way with this post.

Third: (Warning: I'm going Freudian on your any way...)

There are three distinct parts to the above video.

The Id
The Ego
And the Super Ego

Let's define them:

John Candy as The Id - i.e. representing my potentially misguided, yet well-intentioned decision to jump headlong into the shallow end of a dietary concept. Candy's character thinks that the couple in the car must be so backwardly wrong that he mocks their very engagement, even thought they are desperately trying to save him and others involved.

Steve Martin as the Ego - i.e. representing my legitimizing and sharing of the idea to anyone and everyone who cared to listed or not. Martin's character blithely assumes, at Candy's word, that the couple in the car are off their rocker, or just are simply wrong in their assumptions.

The Couple In The Car as the Super Ego - i.e. reality.

You see, friends, even thought I have been eating an inordinate amount of vegetables and fruit, cutting out insane amounts of cheese and meat, and literally been hungry for the last week, the scale is...


Thank you for humoring a larger than life lady who is growing wider every day.


Sticking to the regimen, with one, mid-afternoon "I have a deadline and I must have brain function to reach that goal" exception: mini bagel, cream cheese, and salami. 

Goal reached. No guilt. Tomorrow is a new day.

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