Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

I have never, full out, reposted another blog here. I am today.

As a parent, as a single parent, as someone who can't watch the news because it makes my stomach churn with disgust and utter fear for the state of the world and any sense of normalcy in life, finding a collection of thought as to how best to teach my daughter how to be a good person and a woman in this fast-paced, over-informed, under-impressed world is such a breath of fresh air that I will indeed share it here... and probably print out all of the 10 ideas/tips for later reference.

I found this on's Fcebook feed. It you don't follow them, and you're a parent, you should. Some of the stuff is blather, but from time to time they have gems like this, which is totally worth the slanted glances and scroll-overs.


10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know


It’s hard to express your love for your kids without coming off as a supercilious, sanctimonious, smarmy McSmarmypants. You know, kinda like listening to an actor yammer on and on about their “craft.”
Oh stop already, nobody cares about your “creative process.” You’re pretending to be someone else not curing cancer.
And so it goes with parenting. Nobody really cares about how much you love your kids. So long as you aren’t dangling them off balconies or chaining them to the water heater in the basement, folks-at-large are just as happy not to hear about your life and times as a parent. Unless, maybe, you are Louis C.K. or some other funny motherclucker who happens to be a genius at satirizing parenthood.
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