Monday, August 29, 2011

I Don't Have Money, But I've Got a Voice - Helping Out a Fellow Mama

Bloggers without Borders is a wonderful non-profit organization that has sprung up out of the bloggosphere to help people in need.  Their inspiration is a mom and fellow food blogger Jennifer Perillo of In Jennie's Kitchen who suddenly found herself a widow and a single mom of two girls.  I may not have any money, but I've got a voice, so I hope that by sharing this with my friends and readers that I can help in some small way.  

Please read on and donate of you can.


Bloggers Without Borders  is a newly established non-profit organization helping connect bloggers to one another, and helping them to assist others in need. Bloggers have long been using their platforms for good, raising money and awareness for causes close to their hearts. They have rallied behind people who have lost their homes or their loved ones, reached out to people who are struggling with illness or experiencing a personal tragedy. Help can be as simple as sending flowers or a check, but bloggers support people in the community and beyond when they need it the most. read more...


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