Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exposé - The Other Side of Food

Fair warning
If you're not a parent or already know the truth, 
this post may not be for you.  

The truth about potty training.

Ok.  Seriously people.  WHY did no one tell me the truth about potty training before I was elbow-deep in it!!!  I didn't know that potty training meant that I would have poop on my hands on a daily basis and poop-covered clothes handed to me in plastic bags from my daycare provider.  I had some idea that I would need to stock up on clothes for 'those occasional accidents', but seriously?!  Lorelei's drawers and my laundry machine are brimming with clothes in various states of soiled.

Pee on the carpet.

Pee in the bed.

Pee in the car seat.

Pee pee PEE!!!

Then there's the training of the parent, AKA ME!!  Timing.  Planning ahead.  Does that place even have a bathroom?  Would I want to use that bathroom?
"Do you have to pee pee?"
"Did you poop?"
"Do you have to poop?"
"You just pooped!!  Why did you say that you didn't have to?!  Awe SHIT!"

Lorelei, "Shit!"
Me, "What about your shirt?"

I'm taking bets on how many gray hairs I'll sprout in through this process.  Any takers?  


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