Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Food-Minded Traveler to Food-Minded Mama

When I started The Food-Minded Traveler, I had no idea that I was going to become a mama.  I had grand plans of creating culinary tours of Paris and traveling all the time.  I worked hard on it, made good contacts, had my budgets and business plan all pulled together, and then...

EPT said "Yes" two times!!!

(Want to know the first thing this Food-Minded Mama ate when she found out she was pregnant?  Triscuits and Squeeze Cheese; a lot of it.  One box to one can.)

That was May 2, 2008.  After I found out that I was going to have a baby, I continued to make an earnest effort to get my tours up and running, but The Food-Minded Traveler has become more of a consulting gig than anything.  Posting food-, travel-, and Paris-centric ephemera on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and creating itineraries and lists of places to eat and see in Paris.  I still have dreams of making my idea a reality, but my focus clearly had to be turned to making ends meet and raising my now nearly 3-year old daughter.

I'm sure it's pretty clear by the name of my blog that I'm a food lover, maybe even a foodie (which is, as best as I can tell, a geek about food). Ok, ok, I'm a TOTAL GEEK about food.  I look at 'Food and Wine Magazine' and make noises that are normally heard in the bedroom.  I have stacks of food history, gastronomical excursions, 'culture is food' kinds of books and I pore over all of them.  I get excited about creating a menu and shopping for ingredients.  My hobby before I became a mom was eating out.  Now it's cooking for friends and loved ones.

So why have I decided to start The Food-Minded Mama?  Well, I have some very strong feelings about how to feed kids, I'm living on an extremely tight budget, and I'm a single working mom who doesn't have (and doesn't want to take) the time to slave over a stove every night.  And, it turns out that because of how I have been feeding my kid (or just sheer luck) she'll eat just about anything.  She prefers fruit to chocolate, and eats broccoli like popcorn when we watch a movie.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here's what I plan to offer through this blog:

- Time-saving and inexpensive recipes
- Mom's tricks on how to get your kid to try new foods
- Philosophies on food and eating
- Funny moments at the table
- Kitchen foibles
- Guilty pleasures


1. I am not a chef.  I know how to cook, but I am in no way a chef.
2. I will do my best to write the recipes so that they are fool proof and easy to follow, but please be sure to read everything through before you start as I may inadvertently include an important beginning step at the very end (sorry for that in advance).
3. I am a terrible kitchen manager.  I'm learning to use everything that I cook, but I'm not there yet.
4. I hate doing dishes. (Ok, that's more of a confession, but it's true).

I have a lot of fun cooking for my daughter and am continually amazed, surprised and proud of her eating habits.  I hope that my readers will get something from this.  If you ever have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.



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Claudia said...

Hi Kelly,

I recently met your uncle Eric in our CA offices. He introduced us to your blog. My name is Claudia and I head the blogger program here at SkinnyScoop. Would love to work with you and your blog. I'm a bit of foodie as well and love all those posts! You have a great blog and I have a couple ideas on how we can work together. Is there an email I can reach you at?

Look forward to hearing back!