Thursday, May 31, 2012

Springtime in our back yard - a little dirt never hurt anyone

I'm still digging dirt out of Lorelei's fingernails after having her help me plant a bunch of veggies and herbs tonight. My neighbor Tracy has been kind enough to let me spill into her yard and share her newly-forged garden bed.
Recovered and well gnawed on popsicle sticks.
Lorelei helped get it up and running.
You see, my back yard is a slab of concrete. I love it for oh so many reasons: Sidewalk chalk, basketball, no lawn to mow. You know, important things in life. But I do miss having even a little spot of earth to plant some things in the springtime from where I can graze off of when I'm cooking dinner (and when I've forgotten to pick said ingredient(s) up at the store.)

(That sentence made me dizzy. You OK?)

Anyhoo, Here's what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks/months.

Lets see if the plants can survive basket ball season...

Basil, two tomatoes, pumpkin starts in the red pots, and onions and carrots back there in the dirt.

It's not the prettiest garden, but I'm pretty happy about what's coming up. To quote Lorelei, "Yum mama! This is gonna be goon and num num!"

Happy Spring everyone.


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