Sunday, May 13, 2012

Please Help Me - Donations for a good cause

In January I was asked by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to be one of just a few ambassadors for the upcoming The Food Revolution Day on May 19th. I joined the ranks of The Real Food Advocates (see a full list all of the ambassadors below) and promised to raise $500 dollars to donate to food education programs sponsored by The Food Revolution people.

Yeah, I know... it's May 13th.

Truth be told, in January I was spending all of my time looking for work. This blog suffered a bit (in that I all but stopped posting stories and recipes), and, frankly, life was taking all of my time.

So here I am, 6 days away from the event and I'm just now asking for your help.

Please Help Me Reach My Goal
of raising $500

Here's some verbiage from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation about this fundraising effort:

"All money raised will go towards funding the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation's Food Education Program. The Food Education program funds all projects of the Food Foundation including their network of Food Revolution kitchens, the Food Revolution Cooking Classroom Big Rig, Training tools and education for the Food Revolution community leaders, Groceries and supplies for the cooking classroom, School Kitchen Garden pilot program and an overall growth of their grassroots movement. Every donation you make helps the Food Foundation continue to work and improve the health prospects of the next generation."

If you would like to donate through the PayPal Donate button below, this will be the one way that I will be able to track my personal funds raised.

If you prefer to donate to the cause directly, you may do so via the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution button below. I won't get personal credit for these funds, but I'm ok with that. As long as they get the money.

Check out these pages if you have any more questions:

The Food Revolution Day website

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. You support will be much appreciated and will help a lot of people.


Here's a list of the other ambassadors that are working toward this common goal of raising awareness and funds for this great cause:

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