Monday, January 16, 2012

Keeping up with myself

There is something about this blog that I'm realizing in the new year; it's a challenge to keep it going. That, and it's making me realize that I'm getting stuck in a rut with my food.

(I tried to make a stir fry the other night just to switch it up a bit... FOIBLE!! I'm not sure how I screwed it up, but boy did I ever!! My stomach is still turning thinking about it. Eeesh!)

Then there's the fact that I am technologically challenged these days. My computer is so out of date that it takes forever for me to upload pictures, get them on the site, blah blah blah. It's just a frustrating process and so I don't do it.

There's also what I call 'Poking the Twitter Bear.' Maintaining a presence on Twitter to drum up readership takes time out of my day that I just can't seem to find. Maybe it's that I don't feel as witty as 140 characters can accommodate. Who knows.

And finally, (and most importantly) the time that I was spending on the blog I have had to take to look for a job. I've been waiting tables since I graduated in 2006. This has given me a lot of flexibility to travel and it's allowed me to be more present while Lorelei was little, but now the time has come that I have to sit my butt down behind a desk and make some 'real' money.

This post sounds a little glum, I'll admit, but truth be told, this year has been fantastic!! Professionally frustrating but personally amazing. More to come on that one.

Well, here's to me finding a job, finding inspiration for recipes, and finding the time to share it all with you. I do have something brewing for The Food-Minded Mama that I'll be announcing in the coming week or so, so check back soon to see what's up!

Happy New Year!


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