Friday, November 11, 2011

Fit Friday - Week 1

I bet you're expecting that after my announcement last week that I would have started like a shot out of the gate for my Fit by Forty Fitness Challenge. Well, that's not what happened. I did work out and I feel great! And because of my work outs I feel inspired to make better choices in my eating and I have achieved my goal of getting Lorelei involved; she loved doing my work out with me, so much so that I had a 40lb weight hanging from me and sitting on me during much of the 17 sweaty minutes.

Here's the deflating part of my story. Remember when I talked about having two valid reasons why I haven't been working out (at a gym at least)?

Money and Time

Well, I realized that there is a third:


I am afflicted with an overactive sense of worry that seems to rear it's head only when all is quiet in my house, say from 1:00am to 4:00am, sometimes 5:00. If I'm up all night, there is no way that I can stomach getting out of bed to exercise. Hell, I can barely get us out the door let alone work out, shower, and do the rest. As for working out in the afternoon... I'll get back to you. I have yet to see a time that I can do it.

Not to worry though!! I will not let lack of sleep get me down or keep me from accomplishing my goal. I started this challenge weighing in at (turn your head of you have any sense of decency) 185lbs. My goal is to be at 150lbs by April 3, 2012. It's an attainable goal and I know I can do it. But I also am willing to, and know that I will need to from time to time, give myself a break. I am one of those ding dongs that will push and push and push until I get sick, and I can't afford to do that.

So! Thank you Sara Dean of Fit Healthy Moms for your support and a great work out for my first week back in the moving world.

Mom's Tip
Whatever workout regimen you are taking on, think about how you can encourage your kids to get involved. They'll remember doing this with you when they are older and carry on a good tradition of being fit!


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