Thursday, October 13, 2011

When your kids start to catch on

It's interesting to me just how young kids are when they really start to get what's going on around them. You know, like when my two year old asked me,

"You goin' to work today, mama?"

or "Mom! You forgot your purse!"
"I'm taking my backpack today baby."
"Oh. Ok, mama."

Well, my friend Rhone, he's five, had a realization the other night that has struck me so funny that I just had to share. See, his mom made meatloaf for dinner that night. He said he didn't like this one too much and asked to be excused from the table. When his mom told him that it had Grape Nuts in it and that she was surprised he didn't like it, his jaw hit the floor and he said,

"You put Grape Nuts in it?!"
"Yeah," his mom said, "there was a recipe on the box."

He nodded and took a couple of more bights. Then, a minute or two later, he cocked his head and said to her,

"YOUUUU followed a recipe on a BOX?!?!"

At the young age of five-nearly-six, Rhone knew knew not only was it rare for his mom to have followed a recipe, but he thought it to be unheard of that she followed one off of a cereal box.

I love foodie kids. They make me smile.


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