Saturday, October 1, 2011

Insomnia Has Its Benefits

I can't sleep these days, mainly due to worry; that and the fact that I collapse into bed as soon as Lorelei is asleep, which is usually around 9:00, so by the time 2:00 AM rolls around, I've had a good five hours of sleep.

The upside to this sleeplessness is that I've been catching up on my reading/hacking away at the pile of books that have been accumulating since Lorelei's birth.

What's hot on the 2:00 AM docket now?

The Apprentice, My Life in The Kitchen
by Jacques Pépin

Loving this. At times it gets a little bogged down in the details of recipes, but it is otherwise a fast, and funny read; some of which will become fodder for later blog posts.


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