Friday, September 16, 2011

I Have Seen The Light & I'm Feeling Toasty!

I'm in love!!

I didn't think it would happen so quickly, but as soon as I laid eyes on my darling, I knew that we were meant for each other.  I had to clear out a lot of clutter to make room, and the presence of my new love forces me to tend to things that I don't want to, but I must. I've already made big plans and I'll share more as they come.

Want to see a picture?

Ok, ok, I could have wiped the counter down before taking the picture, but isn't it gorgeous?!

As a long-time (very, very, long-time) single woman, I have always hated heating the entire oven to bake one darn potato, or to reheat some leftovers. (I don't like microwaves. But that's another story altogether). Now I can do so much using so little energy. From tartines, to nachos, heating tortillas, to baking just a couple of cookies, I will be able to do so much. I am thrilled!!

Pictures and recipes to come!


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