Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, Crap!!

In the wake of my rant-of-a post last weekend, I realized that I had never read the ingredients on my "new Go To protein", those Trader Joe's Turkey Meat Balls.  You see, I got them by mistake in the first place.  I had been using their Party Meat Balls, tiny beef meat balls, but a couple of months ago I couldn't find them in the freezer section.  I asked a TJ's staffer to help me and what I got was turkey!

Anyhoo, I read the ingredients.  Bummer dude.  Truth be told it's not all that bad, but there are certainly things in there that I just don't see as being necessary;

- Textured Soy Protein
- Corn Syrup Solids
- and Mechanically Separated Turkey Meat (which really just grates against my Recovered Vegetarian sensibilities).

I guess I have to learn how to make my own meat balls.  Actually, this sounds like a great opportunity to have some friends over and have a meat ball rolling party.  We can make a ton of 'em and freeze them up for later use... sand soy and corn.

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