Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lessons in Counting - Sugar Snap Peas

Lorelei and I had a lovely day yesterday.  We woke up to blue skies, showered the Ballard Seafood Fest with bubbles blown from our new bubble gun, shared some Salmon Benedict (actually, she let me have a few bites), had a long nap, and ran some errands.

It was a lovely day, indeed at the end of which I really did not want to cook.  So we had cheese and crackers, sugar snap peas and Trader Joe's Turkey Meat Balls (my new Go To protein when I don't want to cook) for dinner.  It was a simple dinner but one that turned into a great little lesson in counting.

Lorelei likes sugar snap peas, but sometimes she husk is a little much for her, so we opened up the pods to pick out the peas.

This time around, though, was a little different than times before.  She started to pluck each pea and count them as she placed them in my hand.

"Waaaannn.  Toooooo.  Feeeee.  Fooooor." 

She would then promptly and swiftly slurp them out of my hand. 


Mom's Tip
Dinner doesn't have to be a production every night.  Keep some items in your freezer, larder and fridge that can be put together for an easy meal, and give yourself a break if you really don't feel like cooking.  Spend that time with your kids, your friends, your family, or just on your own (if you can).


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