Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm not afraid to be "The Bad Guy" - Rant! Rant! Rant!


Please note: I am not saying any of the following to spur debate, but if you have something to say I welcome it.  I may be an anomaly, but it is my firm belief that I SHOULDN'T BE!

Deep breath... GO!

How on earth are kids going to learn to eat foods that are good for them if parents don't enforce the fact that YOU MUST EAT THESE THINGS TO BE HEALTHY?!

All too often I see parents turn on a heel and leave my restaurant after they see that there are no familiar foods that they know their kids will eat.  Truth be told, there are things on our menu that may turn some people off like duck or rabbit, but we have chicken and beef too.  We have so many things that LOTS of other kids eat all the time that it's terribly frustrating for me and our entire staff to see 1) parents allowing their children to dictate where they are going to eat and B) that parents are so unwilling to "be the bad guy" and "force" their kids to eat food other that noodles with butter and cheese.

Come on people!   

Variety is The Spice of Life!!!  

Kids should experience the pleasure of delicately wilted spinach with fresh, fresh fish.  Their mouths should be tickled with delight when they taste Crème Brulée for the first time.  Sweet corn in the summer, stewed vegetables in the winter, fresh toasted pumpkin guts (seeds) for an after school snack in the fall.  Tart, tender, tasty raspberries in their morning yogurt in the spring.

God forbid we tell our kids to sit at the table and eat the food we've prepared for them.  Help Us if our kids get mad at us for making sure that they are well nourished.  And yes, you bet your butt I've sent my 2.5 year old on time out for claiming that she didn't like and wouldn't eat food that she hadn't yet tasted.  Guess what, when she was done with her rant, she came back and liked it.

Go figure.

Feed your kids real food.  They'll like it.  I swear.

Mom's Tip
Introduce foods to your kids that you may not like.  I recently bought a cantaloupe and Lorelei loved it!  I had to get rid of it because the smell makes me sick, but now I know that if I can get my hands on some (in small portions) she'll love it and I'll be happy to know that she's happy.


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