Monday, April 11, 2011

"You Asked For it! You're Gunna Eat It!!!" - Dealing With the Fickle Moments

We are going through a fickle stage at our house. 

For the most part I have been ok with this, but there are times that I just will not roll with it and I say, "Damn it!  If you ask for something, you're going to eat it, or you'll have nothing at all!"  Let me tell you, I have said that to my two-year old and meant it.  Guess what, she ate 'it' (nine times out of ten). 

Now, I have admittedly made some concessions, like, "Ok, if you have four bites you can be done" or, "One bite (of the new thing) and three bites of (what you know)" and that usually works in my favor because she generally likes the new thing and was only refusing the old thing because she didn't want the new thing... WHEW!!!!

Another tactic I take to get The Child to eat is to threaten her with time out.  Yes.  I said time out.  I'll tell you what, by the time I have something cooked and on the table I Will Not have anyone tell me that they want something else for dinner, no matter how old they are.  As I've said in an earlier blog, This Is Dinner! there is no reason for parents to kowtow to their kids' fickleness.  And, if my kid doesn't eat it, the time out is FOR REAL; you CAN NEVER threaten something that you don't intend to follow through with.  They know it instantly if you don't and will play you until the end of time.  That's their job!!!

So, all in all, how do I deal with the fickle moments?  Tough love, consistence in discipline, follow through, AND the option of yogurt or apple sauce if they have shown some effort and just truly don't like the meal*.  By the way, I've decided that my kid can have yogurt or apple sauce any time she wants.  Either those or fruit or veggies.  Any time... except when it's time to be sleeping, of course.  (Water or milk if they're hungry in the middle of the night.) 

*Note: just 'cause a kid doesn't like a certain meal doesn't mean they won't like it next week or next month.  Keep at it!!  We have bad days too, huh?  ;-)

So there you have it.  A blog post from an exhausted mama and (hopefully) some good tips. 

Mom's Tip
Be strong!! Remember you're the boss!!  And, if they take two of three bites, give 'em the yogurt... and then a giant hug.


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We said...

Damn straight! Wouldn't it be nice when adults become fickle, unruly you could offer them fruit, yogurt and a hug. Life would be so much nicer. Keep fighting the good fight! XOEli